Saturday, February 10, 2007

Our own Marc.....

Hong Kong maybe a fashion capital, in the sense that people here are extremely well-dressed but we don't foster a lot of fashion designers that make it. Of course, our most famous one is Vivienne Tam, but she made it in New York City. I think it is because of our limited choices, Barney Cheng is Hong Kong's version of Marc Jacobs. Unlike Vivienne Tam, he decided to stay in Hong Kong and make a go of it on this tiny island. So far so good. He was just endowed with the SCMP/Harper Bazaar's Style Awards Fashion Designer of the Year. Currently, he has stopped doing ready-to-wear and is focusing on couture. In his own words:

"Ready-to-wear can be stressful and you never get to see who your end consumers are. It's business-driven and seasonal performance relies heavily on market sentiment. Couture, on the other hand, allows me greater freedom to do what I love doing and I enjoy interacting with my clients. I'm staunchly against globalisation because as a designer I like to see unique pieces being created as labours of love."

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