Thursday, February 15, 2007

All Tied Up.....

Some fashionistas are probably going to tell me that I'm SOOOO behind, but sometimes trends don't appeal to me until a certain amout of milling takes place in my head. My personal taste is not too eccentric because I enjoy simple, well-cut items. I have a lot of what people would call "staples" in my wardrobe and tend to layer and work around them. However, one "eccentric" trend that is strangely appealing to me is the oxford shoe. I don't know why but there is something strangely sexy-ugly about them that I think would add a funkified punch to my usual looks. Designers are really busting out variations of these types of shoes on the runway.

BCBG MaxAzria is doing them flat and pointy with contrasting colors.

Derek Lam is making them peep-toe and chunky.

Jonathan Saunders are almost like ivory jazz shoes. I love how they casualize that awesome dress.

Louise Goldin from Fashion East made them pointy, heeled and with a lot of detail on the laces.

Phillip Lim's variation involves moving up the laces to the ankles and making them almost look like they are pumps with an ankle wrap.

I've got to say among all of them, Lim's is the one I would wear. Maybe I am slightly biased towards them because I used to wear black and white oxfords with my elementary school uniform. Talk about childhood psychology. And to think I used to cringe when I wore them in the morning. Its really quite sick how I would love a pair exactly like them right now. Please.

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