Friday, June 29, 2007

je suis une bargain shopper to the max

I find a delicious satisfaction in bargain shopping. I have never been a brand name obsessed girl, preferring to rummage through the Filene's basement bins, and stalking an article of clothing until it reaches super sale. Therefore, I gave myself a giant pat on the back, when I went to the optical store to purchase new reading glasses. I managed to wheedle three pairs of vintage singlasses that I will be wearing non-stop this summer, simply because everytime I wear them I will 1)think about my amazing haggling skills and 2)look so awesome! =P

I have worn the very top one the most so far because they're comfortable and are more casual. The second pair reminds me of Marni...maybe the colors? The third pair has lace and crystal inset on the side of the frame. I am so ready for the sun this summer!

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